Darrell Starr

I have always had a desire to be an entrepreneur since a young age; a passion to learn new ideas and methods to build and support business

Spent 20 years in corporations where I grew from an Entry employee to Officer of a company that consumed my life and time from my family. While the experience and education was amazing it was time to make a change for family!

In 2019 myself, father and both brothers started Starr Craft Brewery based on a hobby gone wild that we all enjoyed... Brewing beer.

In 2021 started StarrCom LLC (Starr Companies) to help support small business . Building support for ; Product Photography, Vinyl Decal/label/stickers, 3D printing and design, Screen-printing and Digital Marketing.
BrewCrew Store is a brand of StarrCom LLC to support small business with On-Demand Drop Ship services.

If your a small business interested in joining the BrewCrew Store, or have questions regarding STARRCOM LLC services you can email me at [email protected] or use the "Request form".